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Version 6.4 Released
See the changelog for details of this new release.
FVCML0208 10
Licensing PDF Print E-mail

Freeware Lite Mode.
Free 45 day Trial.
US$39.95 user license (No expiry).
US$19.95 version upgrades.

Command Line API PDF Print E-mail

RocketDMS includes a command-line interface.

This allows you to script bulk activities and integrate the DMS with other systems


Open Source Safe! PDF Print E-mail

The database used by RocketDMS is 100% open source.

This means that you can access and extract all of your data and documents without requiring any of our software. You are not held to ransom or locked into using our software to ultimately access your base document set.


Fulltext Searching PDF Print E-mail

As documents or files are added to the system (or updated) they are automatically full-text indexed and added to the database.

Provides fast searching on document contents.


Document Metadata PDF Print E-mail

Fully configurable document tags and meta-data. You can make this as simple or as sophisticated as you like. 

Searches may optionally include meta-data.

Native internal document meta-data is harvested and automatically added to the database.

View and group documents by meta-data and document tags.


Inexpensive PDF Print E-mail




New pricing starting with version 6.0

Only US$39.95 per concurrent user license. Licenses do not expire.

Only US$19.95 per user for upgrades.

We know that RocketDMS saves many hours of user time each year.

Easy To Use PDF Print E-mail



Intuitive Interface: Easy to use, graphical user interface, with intuitive labelled buttons and icons!

Comprehensive Help: On-line user guides will guide you through any aspect of RocketDMS. 

Security PDF Print E-mail



Uses Subversion database user authentication.

Fully configurable user roles.

Hook script integration. 

Comprehensive Logs and History PDF Print E-mail



Complete document history, versions and logs.

Any document can be retrieved at any version.

More than just folder trees PDF Print E-mail

Traditional systems restrict you to a single 'view' of your documents, usually viewed as a tree of folders and files. 

RocketDMS moves you to new dimensions by also letting view your collection in different ways with a few simple mouse clicks. You need never drill down a folder tree again. 

The ways that you can group and view sets of documents, no matter where files are actually stored, is fully configurable by you.

You can also create dynamic views based upon any search terms that you set up.

View documents grouped by author, status, subject or any other tag that you care to configure.

Freeware PDF Print E-mail






RocketDMS is freeware when used in Lite mode. All we require is a simple registration.



Windows 7 PDF Print E-mail


Windows 7 tested (32-bit). Also supports Windows 2003, XP and Vista.

All RocketDMS software is supplied as native windows 32 programs. This is not a web-browser based system.

The RocketDMS programs sit unobstrusively within your Windows work environment providing rapid, simple and easy access to the RocketDMS system and documents.

Support third-party or specialist diff programs. PDF Print E-mail
Use any third-party programs for comparing and showing the differences between document versions. Different programs can be used for .doc and .pdf documents if required.
OpenOffice 3 Integration PDF Print E-mail
If present, uses OpenOffice for document to PDF conversion. Any document type supported by OpenOffice can be converted and saved or emailed as PDF attachments directly from RocketDMS context menus. For more information about the free OpenOffice suite see: http://OpenOffice.org
Physical Documents Too!! PDF Print E-mail



Provides indexing and searching of both physical and electronic documents in one place on one system.

Items representing physical containers (buildings, rooms, shelves, boxes, manila folders etc.) and physical documents can be added.

Physical documents may have meta-data tag information entered for search purposes in exactly the same way as for electronic documents.

Alternatively, physical documents can be easily scanned into multi-paged PDFs and stored electronically.

Labels for these items that match the information stored in RocketDMS can be printed.

Auto Capture PDF Print E-mail



Automatically capture files from local or network folders. Provides for integration of scanners and fax machines.


Scan Into DMS PDF Print E-mail

Scanner (TWAIN) support built in giving the ability to scan paper documents directly into RocketDMS.

Multiple pages may be scanned directly into a single multi-paged PDF document before committing into the system.

MySQL/MSSQL Compatible PDF Print E-mail
Uses a MySQL/MSSQL database for all document data. Any MySQL or MSSQL compatible 3rd-party database and reporting tools can be used to access document lists and meta-data.
Subversion Compatible PDF Print E-mail



Uses Subversion 1.6 as the document database. Subversion is an open-source document and version control system. RocketDMS is a document management system that is compatible with any existing subversion 1.6 (or later) repository.

Subversion is a very clever document database that not only stores the latest version of every document but also remembers every change ever made to every file stored in it. RocketDMS uses this feature to let you extract, use or merge any version of any document stored in the system at any time.

RocketDMS can be used to add enhanced document management capabilities to an existing Subversion repository.


Local area, Wide area and Internet compatible PDF Print E-mail


 Your briefcase is stored on your local hard drive.

All other components of the system operate over TCP/IP and are compatible with any standard TCP/IP networking or VPN technology.

A version to suit your needs PDF Print E-mail

RocketDMS is available in 2 versions:

1. RocketDMS Lite - FREEWARE - Fully functional. Download RocketDMS and install on a PC. You can use this to trial RocketDMS and continue to use it for as long as you like.






2. RocketDMS - A single user lite system may be upgraded a multi-user system at any time. The upgrade is done by using the included system utilities program to transfer the document store onto a central document server. All else remains the same. In fact, you can do this step with a single user system as well.

The only difference between the Lite and the Full system is:

1. The document store is moved to a separate computer or server.
2. You purchase additional licenses for each simultaneous username.

Documents can be given searchable tags and full text indexed PDF Print E-mail

In addition to full-text indexing of document contents the system can collect additional meta-data to save against each document.

Searches are done across document names, locations, full-text contents and user entered meta-data.

PDF documents are automatically indexed with PDF document meta-tags being extracted and added to the RocketDMS searches and indexes.

Emails are automatically indexed with all email header fields also being indexed and addd to the RocketDMS search database.

All searching is done in the database and not across the file system making document searches fast and efficient.

Documents Available Off-line PDF Print E-mail

Similar to the Windows Briefcase feature, all local copies of documents are available to edit and view even if you are not on-line. Updates and changes can be committed back to the document store when you are back on-line.

Multi-user PDF Print E-mail



Each user can search for and fetch their own copies of any document from the central document data store.

They can view and edit documents without interfering with anyone else and may choose to save, or merge, any changes that they have made back to the document store.

All documents are stored in one location PDF Print E-mail
All documents are stored in a single database which provides a simple way of ensuring that all documents can be backed up.