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Version 6.4 Released
See the changelog for details of this new release.
FVCML0208 10
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Hello World

Copy this into the Plugin PHP Script area.

echo "Hello world"; 

Click on the Run/Test button.

You should see Hello world displayed in the console area.

Now include the plugin::debug() funciton to see debug informaiton and a list of data that is available to use in your plugins.

echo "Hello world";

Click on the Run/Test button.

You will now see the debugger pop-up window. The Input section contains values that you can copy and paste into your plugin.

Using Supplied Values

There is a PHP array , $p, made available to all plugins. This array will contain data and document information that can be used by the plugins. Use the plugin::debug() function to see the $p array contents.  Here is an example plugin that uses some of the supplied values from the debugger pop-up and displays them in a pop-up message.

$msg = "Database DSN : ".$p['dsn']."\n\n"; $msg .= "My briefcase is folder : ".$p['briefcase']['root'];


Click on the Run/Test button.


Populate a Pick List


echo "Populating pick list : ".$p['plugin']['params']['selection_code']."\n";
// Array of pick list (selection) contents.
$pick_list = array();
$pick_list[] = array('value'=>'mike','label'=>'Mike');
$pick_list[] = array('value'=>'sally','label'=>'Sally');
$pick_list[] = array('value'=>'george','label'=>'George');
$pick_list[] = array('value'=>'mary','label'=>'Mary');

// Replace the pick list contents


More Examples ....

Download and import these into your plugin workbench. There you can modify and experiment with these examples.

Hello World PHP Gtk : How to open a window.

Message of the Day : Display a message to all users when they first start the RocketDMS program.

Simple Form : Pop-up window with a form to get user input.

Restrict Folders :  Illustrates how to restrict the running of plugins to certain document store folders.

Calculator in Toolbar :  User selects their own calculator program. Calculator tool added to document list toolbar.



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