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Version 6.4 Released
See the changelog for details of this new release.
FVCML0208 10
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disable_commit_log1 = Disable the log entry popup on commits.
allow_empty_commit_log1 = Allow empty strings in the log entry popup.
autocapture_by_monthDate format string. If set autocapture will create folders based upon the resulting date string.
exclusive_open1 = Enables the exclusive open mode. Without exclusive open standard behaviour is standard subversion with any working copies allowed to be open and edited. Merging is done by subversion.
exclusive_open_override1 = If exclusive_open is enabled this option allows a user to open anyway but with a warning.
use_win_file_templates1 = Include local windows PC installed file templates in the New Document templates list. Without this option only use the contents of the configured templates folder.
wip_expire_daysn = Number of days after which work in progress on document open tracking is purged/ignored. System default is 7 days.
Last Updated on Thursday, 03 May 2012 13:44