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Version 6.4 Released
See the changelog for details of this new release.
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 18 June 2009 15:02

Now Freeware !

Registration gives you unlimited use of the the systems in single-user (Lite) mode.

Never lose a document again.

Only US$39.95 per user . Licenses do no expire. Only US$19.95 per user for (optional) version and feature upgrades. How much is your wasted time worth to you?

Personal Computers and Laptops. Fantastically useful tools, but .......

Folders, files, file names, docs, folder tree, My Documents, My Pictures, Save as ..............

Where did I save that email from John a few months ago?
What did Bob do with that presentation that he gave last year?
I need to send an urgent Fax. Where is the latest cover sheet that I am supposed to use?

Does this sound familiar?

We wrote RocketDMS to address this very problem. In a nutshell, RocketDMS provides an easy way for multiple people to store, find and use documents and information.

Many people ask What makes RocketDMS better than other document management systems?

The document database is completely 'Open'. The document database is stored in an open source document (file) repository called Subversion. There are many free or inexpensive programs and tools already available that are fully compatible with the RocketDMS document store. Most other document management systems require you to use their programs to access documents.

What makes the Subversion repository special is that it remembers every change ever written to it: every change to every file, and even changes to the directory tree itself, such as the addition, deletion, and rearrangement of files and directories.

If you already use Subversion in your organisation then RocketDMS is the document management system for you. It compliments your existing investment and systems in a way that no other document management system can.


How does licensing work?

Trial. Your registration has automatically given you a free 5 user license that is valid for 45 days from the date of registration. The system will continue to function as Freeware after the 45 days are up. ( If you require a longer trial or evaluation period please contact us. )

Freeware. Without a license RocketDMS will be functional in all respects in Lite Mode. Lite Mode has a single user and operates from an SQLite database on your PC. If this is what you want then you can close this browser window now.

Licensed. With user licenses you can use the system with multiple users. A central and networked database server can be used.

Program versions are licensed and these licenses do not expire.

A version license will work with any program version up to the version that you have purchased and will not expire. New licenses are US$39.95 per user.

You can nominate how many users the license covers when you purchase. You can have any number of concurrent licenses.


As new system versions and new features are released you can upgrade your existing licenses for only US$19.95 per user or continue to use your current software version for as long as you like without upgrading. ( Minor enhancements and bug fixes will usually not require a license upgrade. )

Why this way?

We believe that it is reasonable for you to buy a license and expect to continue using the software for as long as you like with no strings attached.

On the other hand, we think that it is reasonable for users to contribute to the on-going development of new features, if you want to use those new features. This was the best way that we vould think of to strike a balance.

Thanks from the RocketDMS team


Detailed Look

To see the software version and revision differences click to view the Changes Log.

For further information and screen-shots click to view the product User Guide.



How do I try it out?

Simply download and install. The free registration will give you a 45 day, 5 user license to use RocketDMS in Full mode. After that your installation will revert to Lite Mode Freeware that you can continue to use for as long as you like.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions or queries. We will get you up and running.


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