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Version 6.4 Released
See the changelog for details of this new release.
FVCML0208 10

Organisation-wide Electronic Document Filing and Retrieval.

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Have you ever "lost" a file on your company network or computer and just don't know where to start looking for it? I have on more than one occasion, and its been an absolute frustration trying to find it and the time it has taken.

Mike Bennett Hello, my name is Mike Bennett. I've been in business now for 25 years. When I started, things were very simple, the shared computer folder system worked well. As business has grown, the sheer volume of documents and the inadequacy of a computer file system meant that files could not be easily found. I found myself using the search function. Unfortunately, that took so much time it was costing me money. On top of that, I noticed there were duplicate documents, which raised the issue of which was the original authoritative one.

In the end, I searched the web to see if there were some adequate solutions. There was nothing that provided what I was looking for. So, I decided to develop a total document management system. I've called it RocketDMS, and that's because it blasts its way through a search in seconds, in what used to take hours. Now I no longer need to remember where I stored a file, I simply ask RocketDMS to find it.

RocketDMS has dramatically improved the way we manage, store, backup and find files. My staff have increased their efficiency and as a consequence I am now never disturbed with questions about where I stored a file. Overall, I now have more hours in the day devoted to earning a living than managing a business.

Please, take a look at the RocketDMS Overview or Features sections of this page to learn more.

Did you realize that RocketDMS is a Subversion GUI? It can be used to access an existing Subversion repository, albeit with a Document Management focus.

Take advantage of the free Lite mode license by Downloading and installing the program and sample database yourself.


Mike Bennett B.Sc Computer Science
Managing Director
Pikaia Ltd